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1.Where can I ship my Fidget Cube to and what are your shipping rates?

Our network of partner companies around the globe allows us to ship anywhere in the world. Shipping is FREE for all orders worldwide.

2.Where do you ship from?

All our items are packed and shipped from China.

3.When will I receive my item?

Worldwide shipping takes 7-15 business days.

4.Is the Fidget Cube really in stock?

Yes, the  Fidget Cube is in-stock.

5.What is the processing time?

Although we receive overwhelming orders everyday, we take less than 3 business  days to process and handle . Please hang tight, we are doing everything we can to ship your fidget cube as quickly as possible!

6.I don’t really fidget, will I enjoy the Fidget Cube?

We think so! Not everyone fidgets the same amount. But spending the last few years deeply interested in the process of fidgeting, we’ve observed the fact that almost everyone fidgets to some extent, in a variety of ways.
We’re always happy to help.

Do contact us anytime at [email protected]